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Waste & more waste

Have you seen a picture of a child laboring for bread or a young man settling for some petty profession that comes to them as an only option or coincidence?

All of us have seen at least one young man with minimum qualifications still wanting to be a big success or to be very special and wanting to change the whole world around them in a second-just single handedly. They do have such potential and yes, they can. They are the unused, unlimited reservoirs of skills, talents, creativity, and a burning desire to excel.

Unfortunately, these powerful minds are often limited by the limitations of education, ideologies, and the severe limitation of financial affordability. Ultimately they become a part of the mechanical functioning of society. Many talents are compelled to just forget what they want to do and settle for only what they can get. These talented youth are compelled to compromise their dreams with whatever opportunities are available to them of whatever quality or purpose. Most of them settle for petty jobs which pay them a meager amount, just to ensure their own survival, and to feed their families.

You know that any field of study needs a constant updating through research and development; or else the subject would tend to become obsolete over a period of time. Research needs a very high degree of learning ability and inquisitiveness to pursue until finding the solution for a problem that requires a high degree of knowledge, skills, and talents to make a breakthrough.

Young minds are the reservoirs of such talents. This is now an established truth. Unfortunately, many of these reservoirs of knowledge are seriously suppressed by economic pressures and other limitations. In developing countries, there are gold medalists in technology compelled to work as bus conductors. Scientists are working as clerks in government offices. This is not to undermine these jobs, but just to demonstrate that talents and education do not reach the intended plateau.

Available institutions are a bare minimumm and are far off from the reach of the economically disadvantaged students. These alone are not sufficient to cater to provide adequate educational avenues to all those meritorious and talented, who aspire to pursue higher education.

The truth is that economic compulsions shape the lives of people in countries like India. Academic institutions in India are practically rated to be successful on the scales of their placement "values of pay packages” that give an individual the sense of pride in society.

There are several institutions blooming in India and in many other countries that offer "Placement Guaranteed Education" which assures a job placement to its students from the position of a government office clerk to a variety of other job offers.

"Getting a job" has become the only productive outcome of the educational activity of many institutions.

Any humanist will agree that getting a job is of course, a necessity, but then it should not hamper the real learning activity or the process of shaping a youngster as a strong mind and a better citizen, for we need better citizens today to create a better world and not just professional job holders.

Development without proper educational avenues

What is the importance of research in education today? In spite of all the difficulties of survival and economic limitations, even if a few youngsters get through their school education with bright colors, they are forced to stop there, as they can never afford higher education, and hence cannot even dream of pursuing research.

Economics and human values

We are getting entangled in our pursuits of financial happiness - and grossly missing something very important - our values, wisdom, health, humanity,and the very essence of life, kindness, and providing a helping hand to others.

The end result of our education system needs to be redefined - to effectively contribute to the growth of society and the nation.

Society shaped us to what we are today. It is partly known and many unknown contributions and sacrifices that shaped us to achieve success. Now, it is our turn to transform the lives of others.

The process of shaping better citizens, a better society, and a better world

It is a widely accepted fact that students, society, the government, and the education system are interwoven and make the fabric of development of any society. This is possible only when there a mutual commitment and sense of harmony towards one another in this cycle relationship.

We strongly believe that the right path for development is the fulfillment of mutual responsibility to one another. A student needs to be shaped to be a better citizen by parents, teachers, and society, and then the student returns his contribution by being a contributory part of society. The government can help the process of this mutual development, but the educational system has to carry responsibility to fulfill the entire process. SAHA need to fulfill our part of responsibility.

Society and the nation

In the rush to modernize education, many public institutions have forgotten humanity and human values. The ultimate success of human life depends upon the practice of human values. Our approach is to integrate human values that are universal, so that competent and cohesive personalities emerge from our institution, benefiting society and the nation.

The individual students

We intend to molda better citizen, and the degrees awarded by our University are only a by product of our process. We aim at the total development of the student.

We intend to bind our students with love and total care for their lifetime. Most of them will come back to the institution in a later part of their lifetime.

Economically disadvantaged students

When a fee is charged, all outcomes are measured in terms of money. We endeavor to establish this institution with the intention of service towards the nation, community, and people at large.

We strongly believe that shaping value based, knowledgeable citizens would effectively lead to shaping a better world.

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Have you ever seen a child or a young student aim small or settle with some petty profession that comes to them as an accident or coincidence?

We are sure you agree that any child with a minimum awareness wants to be big, wants to be very special and wants to change the whole world around in a second-just single handed. Obviously they do have such potential and yes, they can. They are the unlimited reservoirs of skills, talents, creativity and have a burning desire to excel.

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