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How do we aim to bring about change?

  • The purchasing power parity difference among different nations will allow us to accomplish our mission.
  • Change the location of education with the help of technology.
  • Costing end result effectively means to create best educational facilities, easy availability of expert teachers, and technology.
  • Better management of time, space, and technology will produce great results with significant changes - for very little effort.
  • Use available of technology to transmit knowledge to any part of the world.
  • The present set up of the system can be changed with smaller cost and minimal effort.
  • Anticipated cooperation from many contributors of knowledge will provide an abundant pool of knowledge, allowing us to reduce the costs

We cannot be silent spectators. We can rise to extend a helping hand to several people who live in the darkness of ignorance, as we see in many of the developing countries. You and we together shall be the agents of change. A small initiative on our part can bring a great difference to people’s lives.


SAHA endeavors to establish an institution of par excellence of international standards in imparting quality education. We focus on contributing to societal development through the research and development initiatives of the institution, in diverse fields of specializations. In pursuit of its goal, SAHA is taking an active role in establishing a unique University of excellence in the state of Gujarat, India, named "Mahatma Gandhi Vishva Bharat” to offer a free education to the meritorious and talented students who are economically disadvantaged. SAHA aims to establish similar institutions in other developing countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, etc.

The University aims to offer a wide range of educational options in contemporary fields such as Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Information Technology, Management, and other preferred areas of studies. The University shall include special departments for Fine Arts, Culture, Yoga, Music, and Spirituality, etc.

The curriculum of the University and all of our institutions will be focused upon the holistic development of the students by instilling the right kind of human values and shaping students to become better citizens to build a better world.

Schools of Excellence

SAHA proposes to establish several schools of excellence focused on research and development in contemporary fields of study.

At the onset, the Institution would begin with the following schools:

  • School of Computer Technology
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Chemical Engineering
  • School of Nano-Technology
  • School of Spiritual Sciences and Human Values
  • School of Bio-Technology & Pharmacy
  • School of Embedded Systems Engineering
  • School of Management Studies
  • School of Development Studies
  • School of Fine Arts, Music, and the Performing Arts
  • School of Business Studies and Commerce
  • School of Psychology, Leadership, and Shaping Citizens

The other schools of excellence would be established over a period of time, depending on the availability of specialized faculty, resources, etc., along with the required statutory approvals and needs of society,

The primary focus of science schools shall be research and development, in the respective disciplines, as well as inter-disciplinary studies. These schools shall strive for the realization of shaping of professionals who are not only experts in their fields of specialization, but also stand as examples of individual leadership qualities, human values, and contribute to the creation of a better world.

The unique feature of our educational initiatives shall be value based education that strives to shape a better citizen in every professional who graduates from the schools.

  • SAHA established a finishing school - the Centre for Advanced Diploma Studies and Research in Ahmadabad, India, to provide Industry/Organizations need oriented training programs on a short term basis. These programs are aimed at providing requisite skill sets and practical exposure to the graduates and post graduates aspiring to better career avenues.
  • The Sai RAM Trust (a Nonprofit India Trust - and an active associate of SAHA) took up a research survey funded by the government of Gujarat, to identify 'the Human Relations needs and expectations of biotechnology industries in Gujarat. The research project is nearing a successful completion.
  • The Sai RAM Trust (our Indian Coordinating Institution) took up a research consultancy work from the state government of Gujarat, India, to conduct a survey on Human Relations needs and expectations of the biotechnology industries in Gujarat.

Research to contribute wisdom

SAHA proposes to undertake research project/studies and coordinate all such initiatives by the students and instructors in the United States who are desirous to pursue research in India, SAHA will coordinate and extend all possible support for such initiatives.

The Research and Development initiatives by Mahatma Gandhi Vishva Bharati (the proposed University) shall be as follows:

  • Research projects taken up by the expert faculty - as consultation projects.
  • Research projects of governments of world and/or any other national and international agencies
  • Research focused upon industrial and employment needs
  • Research on contemporary fields of academic importance - to be taken up by the students of the post-graduation and doctoral programs.
  • Incubators to facilitate research for the development of students as prospective faculty members and experts to contribute to the needs of the Institution and the society.
  • Various schools of specialization would strive to contribute to the research objectives of the institution.

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Have you ever seen a child or a young student aim small or settle with some petty profession that comes to them as an accident or coincidence?

We are sure you agree that any child with a minimum awareness wants to be big, wants to be very special and wants to change the whole world around in a second-just single handed. Obviously they do have such potential and yes, they can. They are the unlimited reservoirs of skills, talents, creativity and have a burning desire to excel.

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