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Purandar A. Amin,
President, Serve All, Help All, Inc. (SAHA)
President, Sapient Advisors, Inc

Mr. Amin graduated with honors in economics, accounting, and law and became a Chartered Accountant and Attorney at Law in India. He migrated to the United States in the year 1970. He passed the CPA examination and worked as an income tax advisor to several clients. Later, he was licensed as a real estate broker in the state of California.

In a long career spanning over three decades, Mr. Amin carried out millions of dollars of transactions of brokerage, developments, mortgages, syndications, and bankruptcy solutions. More recently, the distressed assets of the real estate industry became his paramount interest as he saw many struggling but innocent homeowners being victimized by run of mill foreclosures. With SAHA’s association with the Non Profit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, hundreds of homeowners were helped either by free loan modifications or forcing the lenders to settle with them. In the process, he shaped himself into a proactive multifaceted leader.

His began his mission of contributing to society in the beginning of his professional life. He initiated Serve All, Help All Inc., a non-profit corporation in the United States. He now leads the efforts to establish the Sai RAM Trust at Ahmedabad in India to create an Institution of Excellence that endeavors to bring about a change in the lives of the economically deprived. He envisioned this noble mission to shape and nurture true talents and knowledge to produce better citizens for shaping a better world. The dream project is a world knowledge Hub where all deserving students can come and study, intermingle with each other, and appreciate each other’s culture, history, lifestyles, and belief systems.

His philosophy of life is like a river – it meets many obstacles in its path, yet it flows in harmony, converging with other streams while adding power to its flow. He is the author of a number of prominent books such as “Foreclosures: How to Prevent, Stop, Beat and Survive,” and “The River Flows.” For him, spiritualism is the most advanced science. His spiritual quest began at the age of seven with the reading of the books in a hermit’s ashram near his village, walking to and from every day along the river to the ashram until he had read every book in the hermit’s library.

Dr. Natverlal (Nat) R. Patel,
Vice-President, Serve All Help All, Inc.

Dr. Patel Graduated in engineering from the prestigious MS University of Vadodara in the State of Gujarat, India, and then migrated to United States where obtained his doctor in science in Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University.

Following his graduation, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Manhattan College, Bronx, NY, and subsequently for 33 years at the Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, CA. He was employed at Aerospace in various positions of increasing responsibilities and has made valuable contributions to a wide range of space programs for the US Department of Defense, National Reconnaissance Organization and NASA. While at Aerospace.

Dr. Patel was a recipient of two Aerospace Engineering Group Achievement Awards and an Aerospace President's Analytical Achievement Award and numerous commendations from the Aerospace Corporation, the space industry and the Department of Defense and NASA.

During his professional life, he published several technical papers in professional journals and served on various AIAA committees and Engineering Review Boards for NASA and DARPA.

Nat has been voluntarily serving in the Sathya Sai Baba Organization, a Spiritual Organization, since year 2000 in various capacities. Currently he is a Service Coordinator for the Lakewood Center of the Organization. The Sri Sathya Sai Baba Organization is dedicated to Love All and Serve ALL, and reaches out to less privileged all over the World. His spiritual inclination has brought his assistance to SAHA’s project to help deserving students.

Rhutu A. Singh Gharib,
Vice President, Serve All Help All, Inc.

Rhutu Amin Gharib has shown an inclination from her childhood to work on public causes of homelessness and the safekeeping of our environment. During her formative years she volunteered her time by serving hot meals to homeless families on Skid Row in Los Angeles and other various service projects. She also worked as a volunteer in the Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, by assisting in the geriatric unit.

Ms. Gharib graduated from Pacific University in Oregon with a Bachelors of Business Administration and Spanish. Her intrinsic need to help others led her to complete a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. Currently, she works in the Budget Office for the City of Long Beach. Her most important job to date is being Mom to two beautiful and inquisitive daughters who keep her on her toes.

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Have you ever seen a child or a young student aim small or settle with some petty profession that comes to them as an accident or coincidence?

We are sure you agree that any child with a minimum awareness wants to be big, wants to be very special and wants to change the whole world around in a second-just single handed. Obviously they do have such potential and yes, they can. They are the unlimited reservoirs of skills, talents, creativity and have a burning desire to excel.

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