Our Mission

Human perfection is the ultimate goal. Our mission is to bring forth the divinity within each of us to shine. and provide the perfection that is the essential nature of everything. Human development is both independent and interdependent. Therefore, we strive to achieve perfection of humanity through individual development.

We believe that the divinity within us is the most potent force and the most important tool necessary for change. Divinity demands dissolution of vices. Wisdom and health are two essentials in the development of divinity. Education is the first step. Wisdom is the goal of education.

Health is a prima-facie essential for existence and evolution. Individual development must aim at the greater benefit of the society as a whole. The whole will not be complete without all parts contributing to the process. The purpose of our input and endeavor is to include those who cannot afford to join the process toward perfection on their own due to economic conditions. A charity initiative would never take shape without hearts and hands coming together. We most humbly thank each one of you for your valuable support that strengthens this mission.

Our Vision

SAHA strongly believes that education should invariably aim at developing responsible citizens by imbibing human values and the development of a positive attitude towards fellow human beings for a harmonious world. All of our educational initiatives shall strive for the value based education that shapes a better citizen in every profession who graduates from the schools.

"Mahatma Gandhi Vishva Bharati" (the proposed University in India) shall be a laboratory of inculcating "Human Values" amongst all its students. The focus of the curriculum shall be education with Human Values. We strive to establish similar institutions in various other developing nations. It shall prepare the students to be responsible citizens to shape a better world.

We follow the model of Sri Sathya Sai University at Puttaparthl in India. The University stands as a unique and successful example of an effective blend of values and education, in molding the students "not only as a better professional but also a better citizen."

Our Philosophy

  • Education is not the endpoint. It is just the beginning of life in a new way.
  • The cost of education is subjective to the individual student and his family.
  • The quality of education must be the same for all, whether one pays or not.
  • Everyone has something to contribute.
  • "How much can we give for what we get" solves numerous issues.
  • Zero can be a legitimate price point.
  • Systems must be devised explicitly so that there will not be any incentive to exploit the student financially.
  • We do not educate the students to create merely an earning instrument, but rather an instrumentality of the health and happiness of the family, nation, and humanity as a whole. It is a vital link in the interconnectedness of mass evolution-one link at a time.
  • Sharing your strengths amplifies the effect of the work manifolds.
  • "...... That the evolution of an organization ultimately hinges on the evolution of all individuals within it."

Inspirational credits: Dr "V" of Infinite Vision

What we Do

We teach our children how to be better human beings so that the society and nation can be served.

We give the children a better education, cost-free, so that the cycle of poverty is broken.

We turn them into scientists and technocrats so that humanity at large will be the beneficiary.

We turn them into entrepreneurs so that they become job providers, rather than job seekers.

We provide total personality development so that they become themselves examples to the standards for their fellow human beings, by instilling proper human values in them